Keno Fire Rescue & EMS

Serving our community since 1970

Get the latest update on current wildfires in the area and the current fire danger rating.

This program is designed to help homeowners see the risks a wildfire poses to their home and things that they can do to help improve their home's safety.

This is a link to the 2014 Winter Newsletter, which updates the public about current news and activities at the fire department.

Keno Rural Fire Protection District is a volunteer fire department located in the small town of Keno, Oregon. We have a group of  approximately thirty volunteers who provide fire, rescue and emergency services to Keno and the surrounding areas. The dedicated volunteers at the Keno Fire Department are continually attending trainings and classes hosted by Keno Fire Department and other agencies throughout the state of Oregon.

Click on the link above to get information on outdoor burning and Klamath County Air Quality advisory information.

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