Chief Blair:

    "Keno is a beautiful community and reminds me very much of where I grew up in Northeast Oregon. The pine and juniper forests. Pastures and farming ground leading up to hills and snow capped mountains. I grew up camping and hunting, all of which are available here to enjoy.

I intend to serve our community faithfully and succeed by meeting the needs of residents and staff of Keno Rural Fire Protection District."

Come by Station 1 @ 14800 Puckett Road and enjoy a cup of coffee, glass of water or snack at the kitchen table. I am not typically dressed like the photo above! Let's get to know one another.

**Keno Rural Fire Protection District**

 Selects David Blair as Fire Chief

Chief Blair started work June 5, 2023 at Keno Station 1. He began his fire service career as a volunteer in Baker City Oregon in 1991. Chief Blair volunteered there until May 2004. Paid Career 2004-2023. Promoting to fire chief in 2022. Focusing a majority of his career as a training officer. Chief Blair is NFPA certified as Fire Officer, Aerial Apparatus Operator, Instructor III, NIMS ICS-400 and Oregon EMT-Intermediate. 

Fire Chief

David Blair