• FireMed is a voluntary ambulance membership program that covers you and your entire household for emergency medical treatment and transport services for one low annual fee of $49.
  • Should a member require medically necessary ambulance transport, the department will bill the member’s insurance coverage and write off any remaining balance.
  • The member will not receive a bill for any balance.
  • This means no worries, no hassles, and no ambulance bills.

Keno Fire Department has been providing dedicated high-quality emergency services to our community for over 30 years. A primary goal of Keno Fire Department is to provide emergency medical services and save lives with quality pre-hospital care. In meeting this goal, Keno Fire Department has participated in the FireMed program since 2004, offering its members financial assistance with ambulance bills.

With the FireMed program, you can protect yourself from out-of-pocket expenses that are in excess of your insurance coverage and that are incurred when medically necessary ambulance services are utilized. Insurance only covers a portion of total fees and if you have insurance, full advanced life support ambulance costs are seldom paid. Medicare,
for example, only covers 50-60% of the bill; you would still owe 40-50%. Private insurance companies often fail to pay certain fees, citing "usual and customary limitations" and leaving you with unpaid balances. If you require ambulance service as a FireMed member, FireMed will bill your insurance for you and then accept the insurance payment as payment in full. Or if you do not have medical insurance, the balance will simply be written off.

 Your $49 annual fee entitles you and your household to ambulance service as often as needed during the year. Funds from this membership program stay in the Keno community and allow Keno Fire Department to provide rapid
response and the best care available. Advanced paramedic training and equipment are also supported by your membership.

We urge you to consider this information and to review your personal insurance coverage to decide if this program would be of assistance to you. Membership cost for one year is $49. If you would like to participate in the FireMed program, we offer open enrollment during October and November each year, for coverage beginning December 1. If we can assist you in reaching a decision regarding your participation, or answer any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 541-883-3062


Who should join FireMed?

  • Fixed income individuals- Be assured you won’t have to pay for an emergency ambulance transport.
  • Families-FireMed covers all permanent residents of your household, no matter how many emergency trips are incurred within a year.
  • Those with high health insurance deductibles or no insurance-Even with an 80% coverage, an ambulance transport can cost four times the cost of a FireMed membership.
  • Those with serious health conditions- Being ready for an emergency is part of managing chronic illnesses. A FireMed membership gives you peace of mind.
  • Those who care about their community- Your $49 stays in the community to pay for Paramedic and EMT training, and valuable life saving equipment used by our EMT's.

State-Wide Reciprocal Coverage Area

As a participant in the FireMed Membership Program, Keno Fire Department has a reciprocal agreement with over 70 ambulance agencies in Oregon. Reciprocity means that these agencies will honor our membership and provide necessary medical transportation to the closest medically appropriate facility under the terms of our agreement. The map below shows the coverage area.



Terms of FireMed Membership

  • The Membership Plan benefits are for permanent residents of the same single-occupancy, non-commercial residence within the Keno Fire Department response area. All members must be listed on the application form.
  • Membership covers emergency pre-hospital medical treatment and medically necessary ground transportation within Keno Fire Department's Ambulance Service Area.
  • Charges for denied, disallowed, or non-medically necessary transport as determined by a member’s insurance or a third party payer are not covered by FireMed and are the responsibility of the member.
  • This non-transferable, non-refundable membership is secondary to all insurance carriers. Keno Fire Department will bill and accept payment from members’ primary and secondary insurance carriers and write off any remaining balance as payment in full.
  • Should members receive insurance payment or medical benefits for ambulance service rendered by Keno Fire Department, said member shall forward such payment to Keno Fire Department.
  • Reciprocal agencies will honor Keno Fire Department's membership for medically necessary ground transports to the closest medically appropriate facility, according to the terms of the reciprocity agreement. A list of reciprocal agencies is on file at Station 1.
  • Services are based on medical need, not membership status, and patients are transported to the closest medically appropriate facility.