Operation prom night 2014. Do you have what it takes to become a member of this team?

The fourth program offered is the support program.

This program is designed for people in the community to help support the firefighters without actually performing the duties that a firefighter would. This is a new program that is being developed for those who are interested in helping their community and the firefighters who serve it. The support members are asked to be available for support functions, both on and off the fireground. Activities could consist of Keno Community Days and the annual Christmas Tree Lighting. Volunteers in the support program would assist fire suppression operations by bringing extra water and food to the fire scene for the firefighters who are working. Fighting a fire is a lot of hard, labor-intensive, hot work and the number one priority is to keep the firefighters safe, which means keeping them well hydrated and having food available for long operations, if needed.

The first option is a volunteer firefighter.

To become a volunteer at Keno Fire Department, you need to attend weekly Tuesday night trainings from 7:00-9:00 pm. By attending training, you can see if you want to become a firefighter or if there is another program that suits you better. After you decide that you want to become a firefighter, the next step is to attend a Firefighter I Academy.  This class will teach you the basic skills every firefighter needs. There are additional, optional advancements beyond the Firefighter I Academy that you can also pursue.

The second option is becoming an EMT or Paramedic.

To become an EMT or Paramedic, you must attend an EMT Basic class hosted by Keno Fire or another agency. The EMT Basic is a very intense course designed to meet or exceed the State of Oregon and the National Registry for EMT's standards. This course is hosted once a year and is a great option for anyone interested in becoming an EMT. Paramedic courses are not currently offered through Keno Fire Department because Oregon requires all paramedics to have a 2-year associates degree.

The third option is a Student/Intern program.

This program is designed to give college students or people who live outside the district an opportunity to volunteer and get hands-on experience in the fire or medical fields. By establishing this program, we have created space for up to three student interns at Station #1 to stay for 8-24 hour shifts. There are individual beds for each person to sleep in, as well as a full kitchen, bathroom, laundry and studying facilities for them to use while they are not performing station duties, attending trainings, or responding to emergencies.

If you would like more information on becoming a volunteer at Keno Fire Department, please contact

Chief Blair at chiefblair@kenofire.com,

or by phone at 541-883-3062.

How to become a volunteer at Keno Fire?

Keno Fire Department is always looking for new volunteers. There are several different ways you can volunteer at Keno Fire.